• UX/UI Designer
  • Madrid, Spain

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Since He was a kid, David began painting the walls of his room with spray.
This is when the parents decide to send the psychologist. Results? -Look at David, the human 'normally' starts from simple to complex ideas. You go backward.
Understanding that there is chaos, he had to develop and make it this ''His entire goal''.

Later came painting and photography. Where he worked in several photographic companies.

He has traveled in several countries, but the one that has left him more knowledge was Bulgaria, being a professor of photography and painting in two orphanages.

His personality can be defined as Motivator born, healthy, eclectic, faithful.
He has several motivational phrases collected from people he admires; '' Mind is everything '' - Kai Greene, '' If you don't have the mental capacity to be obsessed about what you are trying to get ... 'Then motherfucker you are not ever gonna have it' '- CT Fletcher.
He is addicted to short videos. Because five seconds is enough to tell a good story.

He has worked with brands like Sanabul, Pepsi, Lipton Ice Tea, Mahou, Jiu-Jitsu World League, HLA, ASISA, Nextep Finance, and several music artists.


App designto conceptualize new ideasPhotomanipulationColor & Lighting adjustmentsLanding websitesSport & Music brand design